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Staply launch simplified version of document collaboration. Are they crazy?

Written by on August 12, 2014

Staply is a platform where people can share files and discuss them in the same place. Before we get started, yes – you’ve definitely heard this pitch before. It goes without saying, crowded space.

Staply guarantees you that no file will ever be lost. Simply sign up to create your own group and upload your files. Instead of ending up with multiple e-mail threads with everyone’s comments, you can now include a message with every shared file. Everything you share is linked to a message; this way you can keep a track of folders or links through the messages and never have to worry about losing them. The filters allow you to search for every file that was uploaded, even if it was from a year ago, in the matter of seconds.

To bridge the gap between sharing, storing and discussing important documents, two cousins have come up Staply. Dmitry Platonov and Grigorii Liubachev started off with a tool to simplify attendance tracking , Alosko, later in 2013  they grabbed 2nd place in the Hackathon by building Cloudiverse which they turned into Staply. Today, they have their MVP ready for testing, and plan to launch in a month’s time.

The skeptic in me say’s that Stapy will have a hard time going into battle against Dropbox, Google Drive, HipChat, Slack and the various other “document/chat” services available today. With that said, Slack was able to catapult itself into initial traction fairly quickly by providing a simplified and beautiful product. Let’s wait and see before making a call on Staply.


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