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Vamos raise funds from Soundcloud and Google executives

Written by on August 8, 2014

In 2012, the Berlin-based startup Vamos (who’ve we’ve written about various times) raised €100,000 during a “friends and family” round to build and launch Vamos, the event guide on iOS that quickly became one of the city’s most talked about app startups. Today, 2 years and over 100.000 downloads later, Vamos’ CEO Luis-Daniel Alegría and his team is releasing a completely redesigned app for iOS, Android and on the web, including personalised newsletters.

The event discovery platform recently closed an undisclosed 6-digit amount with famous business angels;

  • Erik Wahlforss, CTO and co-founder of Soundcloud
  • Daniel Bornstein, Los Angeles-based investor and VP of Global Advertising for deviantART, 1 of top 10 social networks in the US
  • Karl Sandstedt from Google (who joins the Vamos advisory board)
  • Jan-Åke Classon board member of the Atlant Fund

These advisors have been cherry-picked based on their expertise in the space and their willingness to work closely with the founders to take the company to the next level. The core investment thesis is centered around the belief that Vamos will become the dominant online digital consumption platform for events in much the same way that Soundcloud has become the dominant online platform for sound or YouTube for video.

Vamos was already one of the most complete catalogues of events in the world as they were aggregating from Facebook, Eventbrite and Ticketmaster and today adding Eventim and StubHub strengthening its position on the market. On top of that the team is building an event recommendation engine on iOS, in newsletters, on the web and in a couple of weeks on Android. This will allow any person to discover events worldwide exclusively tailored to his or her location, preferences and profile.

“The Vamos team has navigated an extremely competitive landscape, built an impressive and scalable product in a very short time with extremely limited funds. It’s a hot space with a clear opportunity to disrupt event promotions as we know it by enabling organizers to target relevant users and in this way monetize through sign-ups or tickets sold,” says Google’s Karl Sandstedt. “Especially considering that the iOS app already has exceeded the 100,000 download milestone and is seeing solid organic growth in specific cities such as Berlin, Rome, Milan, and Sao Paolo”.

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