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Curious about Underwater Communication? Check out Aqwary’s promo video

Written by on August 7, 2014

Aqwary is a startup based in Linköping that wants to improve the way divers communicate underwater. The company belonging to the LEAD incubator will soon release its first product. It’s a device that enables divers to share information across local subaquatic networks. Pretty cool, huh?

Using ultrasonic hydrophones integrated into a digital console that replaces your regular pressure and depth gauge console, vital information on your dive profile, depth, location, and even tank pressure can be shared among several divers on one network, including a boat captain on the surface.

Aqwary states:

With the Aqwary Smart Console it is now easier than ever for divers to connect, and share information about their air supply, location, and more – on a local subaquatic network. Our underwater network is powered by ultrasonic sound, and supports up to 70 divers within 100m range.

Keep scrolling for a video on how it works.

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