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Heatcord, another Swedish startup taking a crack at the location discovery problem

Written by on August 6, 2014

It’s easy to just locate mainstream venues with any location app, but finding out whether the place has a good buzz or not is an entirely different story. It can be a little irritating when it comes to choosing the right place to hang out. You may find somewhere you like, but that might turn out to be really boring when you get there.

Heatcord think they have the ability to solve this problem. This app cleverly generates a heat map and collects the latest pictures of a specific area from various social networks, providing you with a “virtual tour” of the area. With the ease of access to live chat rooms you can find out exactly what is happening right now in that place. It also allows you to see crowds of specific people such as of a certain age or gender who are in restaurants, beaches, galleries, nightclubs and more, without displaying your location.

Founders of Heatcord include Sweden’s Inventor of the year (2011-2012) and Ph.D holder, Gatson Lavén, Aaron Gonzalez Castro and Mikael S. Three friends, with simple and innovative ideas, seem to share this passion for solving the discovery problem.

Unfortunately, this is hardly a unique proposition. Location-discovery has to be one of the most common pitches we get here, so it’s all about execution for this team. With that said, having an “Inventor of the Year” on board is certainly going to help!

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