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Interview with Mikael Hansson about the Umeå tech scene

Written by on July 31, 2014

About a month ago Mikael Hansson published his first article (about the game developer Zordix) here on Swedish Startup Space. Here is a quick interview with him about his background and the tech scence in Umeå.

Hi Mikael! First, what is you professional background? And what do you do today?
I’m a media man, a journalist and a writer. I’ve been working with magazines, newspapers, radio, writing books and web publishing in different ways. Today I’m editor at InfoTech Umeå, a news site for IT news, and part time communication officer at Umeå University.

What kind of technology interests you the most?
Technology that changes everyday life for people. Something that meets a need.

How would you describe the tech scene in Umeå? Have you experienced a similar boom as in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö?
Umeå is multicultural, open minded, it’s near everything and it has the benefit of being young and curious. That is also something that characterizes tech industry in the city. A report from 2013 stated that IT is the second fastest growing industry in Umeå. So, for sure, it is a boom.

Can you list a few interesting Umeå startups?
Sure! I’d like to highlight these:

  • Dohi Sweden: developing solutions for the media industry and mobile first
  • Algoryx: a leading provider of software and services for visual and interactive physics based simulation
  • Limes Audio: develops software that washes away disturbing echoes, enhances speech, suppresses background noise and improves the perceived audio quality
  • Sportswik: an online sports media magazine with crowdsourced content
  • Content Central: a marketplace for editorial content designed to bridge the gap between freelancers and publishers
  • Elastisys: provides expertise in elastic architectures and cloud auto scaling


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