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Want to develop your applications faster? Check out AdeptHub’s “boilerplates”

Written by on July 28, 2014

AdeptHub is a Swedish startup that has come up with a solution for saving time and workload when designing a new app.  Creating an app has been high on the priority list for most consumer facing companies now for the past five years; however, with high development cost and pressures to get-to-market, nobody wants to waste time writing code from scratch. This particular hassle can be solved using software libraries. But multiple versions of the same library creates another problem for developers, as they then have to manually verify compatibility before downloading the library. Here is where Adept, designed by AdeptHub, comes into play. Adept is an open source dependency manager that can verify, choose and download the library which is perfectly compatible for your particular app design.

Many companies spend a staggering amount of resources on working around the limitations of the current solutions, yet still the work ends up being complicated. AdeptHub provides a solid foundation and makes it possible for developers to focus on their own problems, instead of those of their tools. AdeptHub has also taken a further step by providing online hosting and an on-premise version of Adept, so now companies can manage and host their own libraries.

Every company searches for solutions that saves time and manual workload. The exceptionality of Adept is a solid step in that direction for companies developing apps. The company aims for Adept and AdeptHub to be used by as many developers and corporations as possible in the future.

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