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Saturday Swedish Startup News – July 26 Edition

Written by on July 26, 2014

Busy week? No time to check Swedish Startup Space? No worries – we’ve wrapped up the week’s most popular articles and latest jobs from #swedentech here for you!

Most read this week

Do startups really deserve more media coverage?

Olle Aronsson, reporter at Dagens Industri gives us his viewpoint on startup-pr, how entrepreneurs should approach trade papers and whether or not tradtional media “do enough” to cover our booming startup scene.

Meet NewsHubby, the latest company to jump on the PR-tech wave

NewsHubby is one of the latest entrants into PR-Tech space, founded by Alexandra Bylund, a Malmö-based entrepreneur who previously co-founded photo-sharing community Foap. Whilst plenty of companies are focused on distribution, NewsHubby tell me they’re focusing more on the content creation itself, helping companies optimise how they write press releases, and learn from the performance of those press releases.

The Rundown on the Startup

Startup – [stAHrt-uhp] (noun): “a new organization or business venture.” Short, simple, and utterly ambiguous. Courtesy of Wiktionary. Fortunately, the Urban Dictionary expounds on this unsatisfactory brevity with: “A recently formed company. In modern terminology, it has come to describe a company formed with a business model relying on the internet.” Better, but it’s just not definitive enough. Paul […]

In this digital age, can your customers even find you in person? PinMeTo is here to help you.

PinMeTo is a Swedish startup that helps companies find various locations generated by users on Social Media channels, and consolidate those into correct location tags. The company has developed a tool that collects location data and information about companies based on API’s from Facebook, Google, Foursquare and Instagram. Companies can correct any inaccuracies themselves using PinMeTo’s tools.

Most read this month

Swedish Online Marketing veteran opens private accelerator for e-commerce companies

Magnus Bråth, regarded not without controversiality as the top within the Swedish online marketing and SEO sphere, announced earlier that he will start an accelerator focusing on online businesses and e-commerce. The ambition with the accelerator is to put his money where his mouth is. As Magnus said it himself: “In my point of view an organisation […]

“Legal-tech” heating up in Sweden, Swiftcourt launches first digital arbitration court

The “legal-tech” space in Sweden is absolutely heating up. In the past few months, Precisely.se won the Venture Cup competition, contract-marketplace Avtal24 continues to expand into European markets and Swiftcourt announced today the launch of the first digital court in Sweden.

The Future of Gender Equality in IT and Tech @Almedalen

TechEq* is a unique initiative working for gender equality in the IT and tech industry in Sweden. Since the launch of TechEq in February earlier this year, the network has grown to almost 60 companies, which feels amazing! The success of TechEq is of course something that has to be celebrated, which is why we are organising a “TechEq lunch” at Almedalen on the 1st of July.

Indoor positioning startup SenionLab recieves funding

Indoor positioning is a hot topic right now. Remember GP Bullhound predictions for 2014, which we covered earlier this year (“breakthrough in indoor location communication and marketing”). In Linköping, the tech startup and LEAD Incubator member SenionLab is already supplying the infrastructure for indoor positioning with installations in more than one hundred buildings all around […]

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