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FunRock brings browser-based games onto mobiles and tablets

Written by on July 25, 2014

FunRock is an up and coming cross-platform massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategic games company that makes games free to play. They focus primarily on adding social aspects and mechanisms into the gameplay and making gamers want to keep on playing more of their mobile games. 

The use of simultaneous electronic devices such as computer, laptop, iPad and smart phones has become a common scenario nowadays. Hence, the demand of apps and games for these devices has naturally increased tremendously. To be able to play the latest MMO strategy games on all of these platforms conveniently, is what every gamer wants. FunRock considers this matter to very crucial and believes that gamers all around the world should enjoy playing these games in their native language as well.

One of the games that FunRock is currently developing is Rivality. The eminent MMO strategy game with over 400k players worldwide will be available in the app stores as Rivality: Zombie Attack very soon. 

The Swedish team also has a presence in the Valley, due in part to Bootstrap Labs, an initiative that helps to bring Swedish companies over to the US. Having the top web browser games readily available on tablets or mobiles is quite appealing. Users can now have fun playing their favorite games right at their fingertips.

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