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Singster, not to be mistaken with Sing Star, allows you to sing anywhere, anytime with mobile karaoke

Written by on July 21, 2014

Singster, a Swedish/Finnish startup frees singing from its bounds of “time and place” with a Spotify-like interface to mobile karaoke. Mobile karaoke, now there’s an idea I like.

Singster takes it’s cues from services like Netflix and Spotify to enable karaoke tracks to be streamed to mobile devices without any additional accessories (i.e microphones or speakers) or limitations that usually come with, for example, console-based concepts. The app is currently available for iOS. Interested users can subscribe for a monthly fee of 4,99€.

“Everyone in the team have been avid users of services like Spotify and Netflix, we truly share the same passion for delivering and receiving quality content effortlessly. On top of us being proponents of on-demand services, we all shared a passion towards music and the culture around singing – be it in a karaoke or in a band. Thus our view quickly locked in to the area of karaoke and to the question “why is it so hard to actually get karaoke outside of a designated karaoke bar?”. After a while it became clear that we had no other choice but to go and find the solution ourselves” commented Atte Hujanen, the CEO of Singster, about the origins of the idea.

After playing with the app for just a few minutes, you do get a sense that the team have put a lot of effort into the UX and usability. It feels slick. After creating an account, users have direct access to a catalog of 1300+ songs ready to be sung with optional assist vocals and pitch detection for direct performance feedback. While the user is singing, Singster automatically records a music video of the performance for instant review and social sharing.

Founder and CEO Atte Hujanen has previously organized the Karaoke World Championships since 2003. The international karaoke network spanned over 35 countries, but each year the try-out tours would have been more extensive if there would have been a viable online or mobile option.

I’m going to be honest, this is fairly cool. Karaoke obviously has a massive following and mobile seems to be a market ripe for the taking. With an experienced team and this slick product, they can definitely take it all the way. Let’s keep an eye on them during the last half of 2014.

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