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Meet Makemove – A Mash Up Of Tinder And LinkedIn

Written by on July 16, 2014

Makemove is an app for users to make connections and expand their network. Just as the dating app Tinder, it is geolocation based. They started the project because the team felt it can be hard to reach people outside of your established network or hard to start networking when you are new on the market.

The founder Sam, says that they started the app because it is a problem they’ve had themselves:

 “We started Makemove to provide a tool for people to create their own jobs and opportunities. Makemove is an iPhone application that helps you meet talented people outside your network. What happens if an engineer, a designer and a marine biologist starts to collaborate? Makemove is the place to meet talents and visionaries based on your current location.”

Sam continues: “We aim to bring the world of creativity closer to you in a fast, simple and smart way. We want you to have the tool to bring projects to life with the help of the people around you, the people outside of your circle. We believe that in order to find that breakthrough innovation or idea, you need people with different backgrounds and mindsets to collaborate with. Hopefully, along the way you will find your next partner and create the next big thing with the world as your playground.”

It will certainly be interesting to follow this project as they progress over the next few months! Give it a try today.

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