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Saturday Swedish Startup News – July 12 Edition

Written by on July 12, 2014

Busy week? No time to check Swedish Startup Space? No worries – we’ve wrapped up the week’s most popular articles and latest jobs from #swedentech here for you!

Most read this week

Swedish Online Marketing veteran opens private accelerator for e-commerce companies

Magnus Bråth, regarded not without controversiality as the top within the Swedish online marketing and SEO sphere, announced earlier that he will start an accelerator focusing on online businesses and e-commerce. The ambition with the accelerator is to put his money where his mouth is. As Magnus said it himself: “In my point of view an organisation […]

The One-Woman Team Behind Social Media

Lindsey LaMont from Truecaller gives you her best advice on how she manages all their Social Media like its the easiest thing in the world.

Gender and Tech in the Capital of Scandinavia

In 2010, The World Economic Forum ranked Sweden as the most gender-egalitarian country in the world. Indeed, this is something for which Sweden is often praised. In the past four years, Sweden has maintained its position in the top five, and is on course to maintain that classification for the foreseeable future.

Patients Need Clinics As Much As Clinics Need Patients

Profitable welfare was a hot topic in Almedalen, where Swedish politicians met for debates and seminars during last week. Whether welfare should be profitable or not is something that divides the political parties today and the discussion has become an electoral issue. The health care sector poses no exception, should companies make profit on people […]

Most read this month

Sprinkle to raise 10 million SEK in new share issue.

The media company Sprinkle has decided to raise approximately 10 million SEK, with Spintop Ventures as lead investor, in order to establish Sprinkle in more markets.

Early investor and former Chairman of Klarna invests in ed-tech startup DigiExam

DigiExam, the tech start up that allows students to write exams on their own laptops and teachers to create exams, evaluate and re-connect with students digitally has brought in new investors.  Sven Hagströmer and the family Hobohm-Hielte have invested in the company. Sven Hagströmer comes with plenty of experience from the Swedish financial industry and has previously invested […]

Rêve cracked the (bar)code

Rêve is a STING startup that enables shoppers to scan barcodes in the store and find the products online. The app was launched recently and I met up with co-founder Josep Maria Nolla to chat about their story.

The Future of Gender Equality in IT and Tech @Almedalen

TechEq* is a unique initiative working for gender equality in the IT and tech industry in Sweden. Since the launch of TechEq in February earlier this year, the network has grown to almost 60 companies, which feels amazing! The success of TechEq is of course something that has to be celebrated, which is why we are organising a “TechEq lunch” at Almedalen on the 1st of July.

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