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“Legal-tech” heating up in Sweden, Swiftcourt launches first digital arbitration court

Written by on July 4, 2014

The “legal-tech” space in Sweden is absolutely heating up. In the past few months, Precisely.se won the Venture Cup competition, contract-marketplace Avtal24 continues to expand into European markets and Swiftcourt announced today the launch of the first digital court in Sweden.

Through Swiftcourt, you can agree with your counterpart to solve a dispute entirely online in accordance with Swiftcourt Rules of Arbitration. The thresholds for solving disputes are high, especially since the District Courts in Sweden have raised their Application fee to 2 800 SEK. But now, instead of long and expensive processes in the public courts, Swiftcourt claims to solve most disputes within 6 weeks and due to the agreement between the disputing parties, the verdict in itself becomes directly enforceable. Pretty  cool indeed.

”Swiftcourt lowers the barrier for individuals and small businesses to protect their rights. By using Swiftcourts Arbitration Clause you can secure your contracts and ensure that a dispute will be solved.” – says Swiftcourts CEO, Johan Hedén Hultgren.

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