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The Future of Gender Equality in IT and Tech @Almedalen

Written by on June 25, 2014

Note: The following post was contributed by Isabella Arningsmark, who is currently at Netlight Consulting and a strong advocate of the gender equality movement within the tech community.

TechEq is a unique initiative working for gender equality in the IT and tech industry in Sweden. Since the launch of TechEq in February earlier this year, the network has grown to almost 60 companies, which feels amazing!

The success of TechEq is of course something that has to be celebrated, which is why we are organising a “TechEq lunch” at Almedalen on the 1st of July. The purpose of the event is to learn from each other, share our experiences and turn creative ideas into actions. When it comes to gender equality, we are not competitors!

The invitation to the event have already gone out to all of the companies in the TechEq network (includes Tictail, Jobylon, Sparta, Vint and Spotify etc) so make sure to RSVP as soon as possible since there are a limited number of seats. If your company is not a part of the TechEq network, join TechEq at www.techeq.se and you will get an invitation to the event.

Looking forward to seeing you at Almedalen!

Questions? Send an e-mail to info@techeq.se

The TechEq network was initiated by Netlight, MTGx, Tieto and Tritech earlier this year and is run by its members

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