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SolarWinds acquires Pingdom – Adds Cloud-based website and application performance monitoring to its portfolio

Written by on June 18, 2014

SolarWinds, a provider of IT management software, today announced the acquisition of Pingdom, a leading provider of website monitoring and performance management solutions. The acquisition of Pingdom will allow SolarWinds to expand beyond its traditional on-premise IT Management stronghold to support the evolution of performance management from on-premise IT, to IT as a Service, and to IT in the Cloud.

Based in Sweden and founded in 2007, Pingdom was in part started out of frustration that there weren’t any affordable services available for website owners to monitor outages. In just seven years, the company has earned the trust of more than 500,000 customers in over 200 countries including some of the biggest brands in the world.

Slow is the new down

According to SolarWinds, an application being slow, is the new down. That’s where Pingdom can help companies:

“In the rapidly emerging Cloud era, complex technologies and application architectures are creating new challenges in developing and managing the availability of business-critical application environments. These applications – including the platforms (web, mobile, Cloud) on which they operate – have a level of interdependence and complexity not experienced before.

With the average user’s expectation that websites, mobile apps and SaaS-based applications will perform within 3-5 seconds, failure to meet this “requirement” risks abandonment.

If an app is slow, the user experience quickly becomes unacceptable, the business’ productivity comes to a screeching halt, and revenue can be lost. SLOW IS THE NEW DOWN.”

Kevin Thompson, CEO and President, SolarWinds said this about the acquisition:

As the mantra for web and applications operations teams moves from ensuring the basic availability of IT infrastructure to delivering performance management for critical application capabilities to end-users, the need for comprehensive performance management products increases. Based on the feedback we have received from more than 150,000 customers, we know that web applications are becoming ubiquitous and increasingly critical to their businesses. We, as a key partner in solving performance issues, need to move with them through this transition.

Sam Nurmi, the entrepreneur who prior to Pingdom co-founded Loopia (Editor’s Note: Swedish web hosting company):

“We share SolarWinds’ vision of the evolution and development of the Web, web application and mobile application environments in support of business-critical processes. Comprehensive web app monitoring enables those responsible for web environments to sort through and analyze the vast amount of data created by websites, mobile and web applications, and the technology and infrastructure on which they depend. Access to the right information, delivered in real time, is the difference between reacting to business and driving the business.”

Will SolarWinds continue to support and sell Pingdom products?

Yes, According to SolarWind:

“The functionality provided by the Pingdom acquisition serves a critical need for those monitoring and managing the performance of business-critical web applications and environments, regardless of where those applications and associated infrastructure resides. “

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