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BannerFlow launches HTML5 ad builder platform – Ending the reign of Flash

Written by on June 17, 2014

BannerFlow, the banner production platform, today announced the availability of the first HTML5 ad production platform BannerFlow, a design tool for streamlining building HTML5 ads that will run across all devices and screens. The real-time design platform is leading advertisers’ trend in moving from Flash to HTML5 ads and changes the rules in the creation game by setting a new standard in streamlining the process. BannerFlow gives interactive designers, creative agencies, publishers and advertisers the most easiest and scalable toolset for today’s display advertising landscape.

Global digital consumer trends show a strong shift in device usage towards mobile and tablets letting the technology behind digital media increasingly move from Flash to HTML5 due to its rich set of features and mobile support over the last several years. The majority of today’s browser and operating systems support HTML5. What has been lacking is a real-time production platform for advertisers to create HTML5 ads and have them run on any screen or device. As companies like Google and others start addressing this need, BannerFlow is leading the trend by creating a new standard in the ad production process. Enabling anyone to create ads via drag & drop, advertisers now can easily add new sizes and languages in minutes instead of weeks and make real-time changes remotely on the fly.

”BannerFlow is a very unique and game-changing platform, which is getting a new standard for online ad production, especially now when the HTML5-technology is getting more and more important”, says Nicholas Högberg, CEO of mobile operator 3 Sweden, Chairman of the Board BannerFlow.

“BannerFlow is a very unique and game-changing platform, which is getting a new standard for online ad production”

So far, leading advertisers around the world like DDB, Klarna, EF and Unibet have been responded to the consumers usage shift and produced 1,000,000 ads using BannerFlow web-based production platform.


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