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iCelebri launches app for fans to keep up with their idols

Written by on June 13, 2014

Well, this is one of the more strange pitches that has come into the inbox. iCelebri is an iOS app that allows fans to “follow” their favorite celebrities. The app pulls data in from Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and a handful of other sources, and places it in one feed, the idea being a fan can easily keep up with what their favorite celebs are talking about online.

What’s fascinating about the strategy, is that they are releasing separate apps for each celebrity. What’s even more interesting is that difference celebrities have different prices. For example, the “Rihanna app” costs 7 SEK, whilst the Avicii app is free. Update: All iCelebri apps are free.

The strategy is an interesting one, given that I assume a lot of the company’s target demographic are interested in following multiple celebrities, and having multiple apps seems slightly illogical.

On the positive side, the app is beautifully made, and is slick and engaging. Similarly, we wrote about an app recently called Seenth.is, which is an app that lets users follow their favorite musicians. The app has so far been quite successful, already working closely with some pretty big artists, including DJ Tiestö. In many ways, the two apps are similar and in addition, the company are reporting that they hit 31,000 downloads in the first 24 hours – so perhaps it’s something to keep an eye on.

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