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How many Swedes use coupons when shopping online?

Written by on June 10, 2014

CupoNation recently published a survey regarding – you guessed it – online coupons. According to the survey, 82 % of Swedes use coupons when shopping online. Furthermore, Nelly.com is listed as the most popular online store, and fashion and entertainment were the most popular categories as a whole.

Thoughts on surveys like these

But hold on, can you really draw these conclusions?

Out of the 490 online shoppers who chose to participate in this survey (who are they anyway?) 84 % were women. What does a survey with a gender bias that large has to say about the average Swede? Yes, it’s possible to weight the answers to compensate for the lack in the survey sample. But they didn’t.

Since I fucking love science it hurts just a teeny weeny bit when companies run surveys and draw shaky conclusions just to create buzz. It’s a lazy practice, and the slippery slope will lead us to a point where we have questionable “surveys” polluting newspapers and blogs every day and diluting the value of proper research.

Oh. We are already there?

Anyway, back to the coupons…

Is there anything we can tell from the survey? Well, since the figure of 82 % is so high, the main conclusion could be that coupons are a major factor in online shopping. And in the end, I guess that is exactly what CupoNation wanted to show us.

…the main conclusion could be that coupons are a major factor in online shopping

Note 1: If you happen to have a thing for coupons, check out the full survey here (in Swedish).

Note 2: I haven’t taken the time to reach out to CupoNation for a comment. Maybe I will. But it’s Monday and as far as I can tell my thoughts above should have some relevance in any case.

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