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Meet Slidebean, a new startup launching out of Stockholm, claiming to be the fastest way to create beautiful presentations.

Written by on June 5, 2014

Slidebean, is a new startup launching out of Stockholm, claiming to be the fastest way to create beautiful presentations. It’s a web app designed to take the pain out of making slides, and to allow anyone with no design skills to make amazing decks. Simply enter content, choose a design format and Slidebean will take care of the rest. Some are calling it the “Instagram for presentations”.

With a focus on design and usability, the team are determined to provide everybody with beautiful slides, regardless of their technical skills or time available. Much like the use of filters in Instagram, Slidebean lets users pick a design format and color scheme after having added the content. Users have access to a wide variety of design formats and can choose to upgrade their free account which will allow them to use presentations offline and have private presentations also.

The company is participating in this year’s Dreamit Ventures NYC class and will launch on June 4th from offices in Stockholm and New York. A beta has been available for a few months and over 7000 presentations have been created by beta testers.

Definitely one that has flown under the radar here, keep an eye out for Slidebean.

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