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Infographic: #sthlmtech by the numbers

Written by and on May 30, 2014

Here in Stockholm, we know great things are happening in our startup community. It’s time to make sure the rest of “startup world” knows what’s going on here!

In order to do so, we’ve teamed up with Stockholm Business Region to generate content with an aim of spreading the word about our great startup community – here in Stockholm, but of course throughout Sweden and the Nordics too.

First up is an infographic entitled “#sthlmtech by the numbers”. Please share it so we can tell the world about our great community!


  • Sebastian_BannerFlow

    nice graphic james! I am sure that BannerFlow will be one of the unicorns within a year 😉

    • Anders Hassis

      Looking forward to it Sebastian!

  • Well done.

  • Stockholm is the best in terms of tech community!

  • hanneshelander

    Nice! Looking forward to coming back to Stockholm after four years in Shanghai.

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