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SSES announces new ‘Campus’ co-working space

Written by on May 28, 2014

The Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES) announced the launch of a new co-working space called Campus, in Stockholm today.

The new space is the result of a merger of their previous ‘Beta’ co-working space and their ‘WhiteLabel’ program, and is located on the 5th floor of Saltmätargatan 9, one floor above SSES’s cozy Stockholm headquarters.

Previously, Beta was the interdisciplinary co-working space that enabled early-stage projects to gather momentum and springboard into SSES’s member institutions’ own incubators. White Label was a one-year education and training program for analysis and research, aimed at creative problem-solving and facilitating entrepreneurial ventures. The merger of the two results in a co-working space that is unique in its purpose: to provide members with a physical location as well as the active support required to realize members’ entrepreneurial dreams.

Rasmus Rahm, Director of Education & Deputy Executive Director at SSES, had this to say about the new co-workspace:

“SSES Campus is the closest you will ever come to a campus for a school of entrepreneurship. It’s a place for SSES students and alumni to engage in work, connect with peers and thrive… whatever their passion may be. It is open all weekdays for drop-ins, as well as evenings and weekends for those in our Fellowship Program. Members also get the opportunity to help in the running and development of Campus, as well as much more!”

The ‘Fellowship Program’ includes the possibility to pre-reserve seats at workshops, unique and early discounts for SSES activities and events, personal coaching, and 24/7 access! Alternatively, the 9-5 drop-in membership is for anyone who is interested in working at SSES Campus, but without the unique benefits.

With capacity for 40-60 people, Campus comes complete with the usual office utilities, and also boasts a full whiteboard wall, a cozy pillow treehouse fort and much more!

The Campus opens after summer, but is accepting applications right now! Apply here.

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