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Uppstart 2: Electric Boogaloo

Written by on May 20, 2014

It took the city of Uppsala more than 700 years to host its first Uppstart tech startup event, and only 90 days to host the second one! At this rate, by next week we’ll be up at 176 events per day! Let me tell you why I’m excited:

The first event had over 300 people attend, and hostmaster extraordinaire Jason Dainter is expecting similar attendance for the second event. This makes Uppstart one of the quickest-growing tech events in Sweden!

The theme for the evening is ‘Founder Stories’, with on-stage guests including the founders of Tictail, Vint, and Freespee, who have raised close to a zillion dollars in investment (combined).

The event has even got Google’s attention:

“It’s really exciting to see the boom in start-up activity in Uppsala, they have an exciting community and lots of potential to grow as a start-up hub. We’re very pleased at Google to see these kinds of initiatives bring entrepreneurs together, and will be there at Uppstart ourselves making a few special announcements of our own!” – Guillaume Leygues, Google

How exciting!

The second Uppstart even comes on the heels of exciting recent developments in the Uppsala tech scene, including news of FITE and their upcoming Uppsala Hackathon 2014, Guerilla Office, who have now expanded north to the pleasure of many nomadic office workers, and the Entrepreneurs Academy, who are doing an absolutely fantastic job of promoting entrepreneurship among students in the city.

They say a rising tide lifts all boats, and the pace of tech startup activity is certainly on the rise in Uppsala. Yes, startups are the boats. Yes, Uppstart is the tide. Yes it’s a different kind of event. Yes, you can be part of it! Uppstart has a mingle factor that is off the charts. Yes there is free food (if you arrive early). Yes there is a bar. And yes, there will be startups!

This upcoming event is at 17:30 this Thursday, May 22nd, at Katalin Bar in Uppsala, and it is looking to be one of this month’s hottest events!

What’s that you say? I live in Stockholm and Uppsala is too far? Shut up and keep reading.

The venue is located at Uppsala Central Station for quick and easy access to intercity rail lines. Travel time is between 38-55 minutes from Stockholm and won’t cost you more than 100sek per ride. Soldier up. It’s a train ride to an awesome tech event, not road trip with your mother-in-law.

Most importantly, there is going to be a selfie booth with prizes for the awesomest selfie!

Tickets are free but the venue has limited space so grab yours now!

Sign up here for tickets here.

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