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Guerilla Office expands into Malmö and Helsingborg

Written by on May 16, 2014

It feels as if we wrote about Guerilla Office just a week ago. Actually, it was two weeks ago. But what can you do when Guerilla Offices are springing up like dandelions from the startup soil? The two latest locations to be added to the Guerilla Office map, are the buzzing startup hub of Malmö and the neighboring city of Helsingborg.

The person in charge of both these locations is Dimitrij Aleshkov.

I’ve heard you have many projects going on, tell us a bit about yourself
Nowadays my focus is to help other startups to structure their way of developing awesome projects. I make money by delivering projects with help of my 4 teams which are based in Ukraine, Russia and Moldavia. I try to work one week per month and spend the rest of my time on doing random stuff such as arranging Hackathons, advising startups, running Hackerspace in Helsingborg, meeting cool people – and of course creating different types of solutions.

Why did you get involved with Guerilla Office?
My office is at Mindpark, Helsingborg, but I travel a lot of in Europe. I usually gather my friends and colleague to travel with me. Why shouldn’t startups based in Helsingborg work from Copenhagen one day? Or maybe a couple of startups from Copenhagen could move to Helsingborg for one day? We call these events by different names, but when I heard about the Guerilla Office concept and talked to the founder I fell in love with the concept. This is exactly what I did before but much more structured, in a good way.

…when I heard about Guerilla Office concept and talked to the founder I fell in love with the concept

When, where?

In Helsingborg GO workdays will be each Tuesday between 9:00 and 17:00 at Mindpark. Guerilla Office in Malmö will get started at Minc in a couple of weeks.

Are you curious about learning more about Guerilla Office? Or completely confused about what this post is about? Read our introductory post.

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