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Swedish Startups Competing In Launch: Silicon Valley, The World Cup Tech Challenge

Written by on May 13, 2014

Last week, Launch Silicon Valley 2014 – The World Cup Tech Challenge just announced that Relation Desk, Plotagon and Shortcut Labs are the companies competing for Sweden. The competition that is usually described as “World Championship for Startups”.

Plotagon is a tool that lets anyone create an animated movie directly from a written screenplay. Last October, Plotagon signed a deal with Marvel Legend Stan Lee, so it’s not surprising that they’ve managed to enter the competition.

Shortcut Labs creates shortcut buttons out of plastics, electronics and passion. So basically, you stick a shortcut button where it suits you and use a smartphone app to configure it. Now you have a physical shortcut to practically any function in the digital world imaginable.

In the latest episode of DigitalPodden, Fritjof Andersson (CEO of Relationdesk.com) said that they’re really looking forward to going and encourage everyone to vote for them. Fritjof also commented: “The most important thing is to get feedback on our business model. That is the strongest “currency” for a startup. It’s not about how many customers you have, it is about how much knowledge you have in a startup.”

We wish all of the competitors good luck, and don’t forget to vote for Sweden on the website!

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