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Saturday Swedish Startup News – May 10 edition

Written by on May 10

Busy week? No time to check Swedish Startup Space? No worries – we’ve wrapped up the week’s most popular articles and latest jobs from #swedentech here for you!

Most read this week

Weld appoints ex-Magine dev as CTO and secures Almi support

Weld Sketch is an interaction design tool for responsive design, in real-time. Einar sat down with newly appointed CTO Henric Malmberg for a chat about the latest news, and got the chance to see how Swedish Startup Space could be sketched in less than 120 seconds.

Recap From Gothenburg Startup Hack 2014

What started out as a smaller hackathon to bring together likeminded people in and around the startup scene in Gothenburg – ended up being something a lot grander.

Guerilla Office Starts Up In Gothenburg

We can now reveal that Guerilla Office will host its first workday in Gothenburg next week. The official announcement will be done tomorrow at Gothenburg Startup Hack, and as warm supporters we would like to congratulate both Guerilla Office and the Gothenburg startup community.

Breakthrough for ShopJoy as ICA Supermarket and Bank tries iBeacon Technology

Tjustbygdens Sparbank and ICA Supermarket in Gamleby will be the first in Sweden to implement a solution for mobile marketing based on ShopJoys CMS and iBeacon. ShopJoy is a software company that developed a standard CMS and related apps for both iOS and Android. The solution provides companies and organizations such as chain stores, arenas […]

Most read this month

Meet Lukas, the coolest kid in Stockholm

Now and again, you come across people who just ‘get it’. You know, the kind of people that leave you speechless with their words of wisdom and give you a instantaneous boost of inspiration. That happened to Jason last week at the latest Stockholm Tech meetup. His name was Lukas Sveilis, and he’s 12 years old (yep, 12!).

The Secrets Behind Fyndiq’s Success Story

Fyndiq is one of the fastest growing marketplaces in Europe. But what is the secret sauce that makes Fyndiq so successful? Read here to find out

Peer-to-peer service inspired by AirBnb and Foursquare launches from Gothenburg

Where do you turn when you need help with everyday tasks like cleaning or lawn mowing? Butlr is a new peer-to-peer marketplace, founded by Ozcar Stormer, where you can ask for help with these types of tasks or offer your own services to others. Peter Tjärndal wanted to learn more about Butlr, so he contacted […]

Startups don’t get sold. They get bought

This is a guest post written by Ohad Samet. Ohad is the co founder and CEO of TrueAccord, seeking to put a human face on debt collections using machine learning and behavioral analytics.

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