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HybridConf coming to Stockholm, get tickets inside

Written by on April 30

HybridConf is an exciting, modern web conference taking place this year in Stockholm for the first and only time. Aimed at both designers and developers, this is a one-off chance to see great international speakers in a fun, relaxed environment that was heralded by attendees last year as “the best conference they had ever been to”.

The first HybridConf was held last August in Cardiff, Wales. It was a great success with nearly 200 guests and lots of very positive feedback. The conference came about because Zach was tired of the conference scene in the UK which often tends to have very similar conferences with very similar speakers. Rather than complaining, he decided to put on the type of conference that he would himself like to attend. HybridConf is being held in Stockholm this year because Zach and Laura moved here for work, and wanted to bring the event with them.

The idea behind HybridConf is to bring together designers and developers in a place that is fun, relaxed and inspiring. The talks cover a wide range of topics, often with a focus on teamwork and collaboration, and the schedule includes lunches and after parties so that it’s easy to mingle and meet new friends.

HybridConf is useful to people in many roles – whether you are already a hybrid designer/developer, or whether you just want to learn more about the other side of the fence. All the talks are created with both groups in mind, so they’re accessible and interesting for everyone.

Most of the line-up has already been announced, and speakers this year include lots of international talent. Just a few of the speakers are Tom Soderstrom (CTO of Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Lab), Travis Schmeisser (Design Director at Square), Sara Chipps (CTO of Flatiron School), and John O’Nolan (Creator of Ghost). There are also a number of local Swedish speakers including Tobias Ahlin (Designer at Github), and Kaj Drobin (Co-Founder of Tictail).

As well as talks, HybridConf boasts a full schedule including lunches on both days, registration breakfast, breaks with snacks, and two after parties which were huge hits last year. Thursday’s after party will be a bowling tournament, while Friday’s will be a party featuring free drinks, music from Moldover, and games of Cards Against Humanity.

Tickets for HybridConf are currently on sale priced at £349 (+VAT), and there are also sponsorship opportunities available.

For more information about HybridConf, visit the website http://hybridconf.net, or the sister microsite http://why.hybridconf.net, tweet us @hybridconf or contact Zach and Laura at hello@zedonkey.org

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