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Rocket Internet’s CupoNation launches mobile friendly site, sets up shop in Gothenburg

Written by on April 16

CupoNation, the leading online coupon platform worldwide, today announced the launch of its enhanced mobile website. Online shoppers in Europe, Latin America and Asia are now able to save money when shopping on the go via the reliable and well-structured couponing page.

Adrian Renner, co-founder of CupoNation: “Since our launch in 2012 we successfully implemented our services in several markets in Europe, Latin America and Asia and are constantly extending and improving. However, mobile shopping meets the needs of our today´s society best, as it offers quick decision-making at any place and time. We want to contribute to this great development and enrich our customers´ online shopping experience with helping them to get discounts wherever they are. Because mobile shopping already accounts a significant part of e-commerce and is likely to raise a market share to 25% in 2016, we believe it is crucial to ongoing invest in improving our mobile website. With our mobile optimized website we will fuel the transition from traditional offline couponing to a thriving mobile market, favoring shoppers and retailers.”

Additionally, CupoNation´s mobile website offers an improved interface when looking for discounts on portable devices. The redesign also features easier handling through a clear structure and a more visual navigation route that is optimized for Customer relationship marketing (CRM). 

CupoNation have recently opened up an office in Gothenburg, headed up by country manager Adrian Hedmark.

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