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Klarna awards 100 000 SEK for the best idea in e-commerce

Written by on April 15

Klarna just announced “Tillväxtjakten 2014″ at the #sthlmtech meetup, a competition that aims to bring out all business ideas and start-up companies that have the potential to build global e-commerce companies. The competition is being held for the fourth year in a row and will be judged by Klarna CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski, SUP46 CEO Jessica Stark and Tictail CTO Siavash Ghorbani.

The winner will receive 100 000 SEK, tutorship by Nordic e-Commerce Knowledge (worth around 45 000 SEK) and mentoring by experts within the e-commerce space.

Who can apply?
Both well established actors and entrepreneurs who are thinking about starting up an e-commerce business. The most important thing is a business idea and an ambition to grow.

Sign up at Klarna’s website.

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