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Fritt Fram facilitates the everyday life for thousands of Swedes

Written by on April 15

Sweden is supposed to be one of the most accessible countries in Europe but disability organisations are disappointed. Major improvements have been promised but still there are places impossible to visit for people with functional limitations.

Three young entrepreneurs decided to solve this problem and created an mobile app, Fritt Fram, that provides detailed information about the accessibility at numerous restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, gyms etc. With just a few clicks the user can find out whether such a place is adjusted to his or her needs. In addition, it is possible to obtain suggestions of places to visit that are properly adjusted to fit the user.

During her work as a personal assistant, 24 year old Petra Lindström noticed that the lack of information regarding accessibility makes the lives miserable for disabled individuals and their dependents. Spontaneous trips to places are almost impossible. Instead, several hours are spent planning and thinking of whether a wheelchair will fit the entrance or if a permobile can move within the place. She has, in co-operation with the Uppsala-based startup App Shack, developed the application ‘Fritt Fram’ that simplifies the everyday life for thousands of individuals.

‘Fritt Fram’ is available for iOS and soon coming to Android.

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