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Saturday Swedish Startup News – April 12 edition

Written by on April 12

Busy week? No time to check Swedish Startup Space? No worries – we’ve wrapped up the week’s most popular articles and latest jobs from #swedentech here for you!

Most read this week

The Secrets Behind Fyndiq’s Success Story

Fyndiq is one of the fastest growing marketplaces in Europe. But what is the secret sauce that makes Fyndiq so successful? Read here to find out

Peer-to-peer service inspired by AirBnb and Foursquare launches from Gothenburg

Where do you turn when you need help with everyday tasks like cleaning or lawn mowing? Butlr is a new peer-to-peer marketplace, founded by Ozcar Stormer, where you can ask for help with these types of tasks or offer your own services to others. Peter Tjärndal wanted to learn more about Butlr, so he contacted […]

Startups don’t get sold. They get bought

This is a guest post written by Ohad Samet. Ohad is the co founder and CEO of TrueAccord, seeking to put a human face on debt collections using machine learning and behavioral analytics.

A Gothenburg startup making business on the pregnant ones

Our reporter Peter Tjärndal met Merlind Hinz at her office to talk about The M Society – a new network for mothers and pregnant women in Gothenburg. The M Society wants to gather information, activities and events and offer their users an overview of services that they might need in their new lives as mothers.

Most read this month

Safello is taking the next step into Europe

Safello is a Stockholm based Bitcoin company founded in July 2013. The company is focused on supporting the cryptocurrency market with a safe way to buy, sell and use bitcoins. To facilitate its increasingly international user base, Safello have localised their website to help customers across Europe to buy and sell bitcoins safely and simply. With numerous payment methods and 86 supported banks for direct payments, Safello is lowering the barrier for consumers to take their first step into Bitcoin.

5 “alternative” advertising/PR ideas for startups

What happens when Sweden’s teeming jungle of start-ups all pitch similar or identical advertising angles and marketing campaigns? Things start to get a little melded and monotonous. If you mix all the paint on your palette together, you’re going to end up with a dull gray ooze. Well I’m not letting the startup scene turn into a dull gray ooze. Not on Marwan’s watch.

Instagram competitor Socialmist to launch out of Gothenburg

Socialmist is a new social network that is based on the idea of telling stories through music. The web app and the iPhone-app will launch on April 28 of 2014.

Stockholm’s Startup Scene: A Cheatsheet

Stockholm’s startup scene is a pretty amazing to be right now. I don’t need to bend your ear’s on what’s been happening lately – you’ve surely read about it in the New York Times, The Guardian, Reuters and of course – here at Swedish Startup Space.

Latest jobs

Senior Java Developer / System Architect at Truecaller
Location: Stockholm

Management Assistant at Truecaller
Location: Stockholm

Project Manager at Truecaller
Location: Stockholm

Test Engineer at Truecaller
Location: Stockholm

Business Developer – Sales at Coursio
Location: Stockholm

Forward Deployed Software Engineer at Palantir
Location: Stockholm

Deployment Strategist at Palantir
Location: Stockholm

Part-time Frontend Software Engineer at Tink
Location: Stockholm

iOS Software Engineer at Tink
Location: Stockholm

Sales Hero to exciting SaaS company at Sparta
Location: Stockholm

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