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Cruitway, a talent-focused jobmatching service for young professionals

Written by on April 11, 2014

As if there weren’t enough recruiting startups based out of Stockholm, Cruitway have entered the space. However, I must say – they’re tackling the problem in a cool way – focusing on students and matching them together with companies. What’s most interesting, is that unlike many other recruitment options – Cruitway may become a preferable option for bigger companies looking for employer branding to that demographic.

I caught up with CEO Adrian Swartz for a quick chat about Cruitway.

Tell me about yourself and your background

I am 24 years old and have been a full-time entrepreneur since the age of 21. I think the urge for entrepreneurship and start-ups comes from my curiosity for the new and untested, and from my eagerness to see a vision or a thought become reality. Most recently, before Cruitway, I co-founded Rodolfo – a digital advertising agency which still is up and running. I left one year ago to fully focus on Cruitway, which I have great belief in. In Cruitway I can engage both in long-term strategic direction of the company as well as everyday execution, together with an amazing team, and I enjoy it every single day.

What is Cruitway and what problem do you solve?

Cruitway is a service matching students and young professionals with career opportunities. The user pain is huge – and our target group is constantly reminding us about it, actually e-mailing us and engaging in the further development of Cruitway. To find relevant career opportunities you have to search the web for hours and yet hours, not to mention all the events and job fairs. It’s crazy that there’s been no service that matches talent with opportunity in a more intuitive way. Our aim is to do that, and we’re tuning our service on a weekly basis in the quest for that perfect match.

We’ve launched for iOS and Android, but just recently we also launch a web service at Cruitway.se. The user just set where, what and when he/she studies or did study – and then finds matching jobs, summerjobs, graduate programs, internships and master thesis’.

As of today we have around 400 companies as customers and that number is increasing rapidly. We have over 2000 active listings as of today – and every ad is uniquely matched with relevant target groups.

Tell me about the team and whether you are funded or bootstrapped

We’re seven co-founders, four engineers within computer science and three with a business background. We also have four employees within sales, marketing, content and QA. We have one office in Stockholm where we focus on sales and marketing and one in Uppsala where we have the tech and product team with specialists in back end, front end, iOS and Android. We are bootstrapped and have been able to finance the project by focusing a lot on sales from day one. I am constantly reminded and impressed by the team and how far we’ve come without external funding. Sometimes it has been hard of course, but on the other hand it has brought us to constantly evaluate our offer and question ourselves – what and how big value do we deliver to the employers? Sales has been part of our DNA from day one and will be key in the continuous development of Cruitway. To scale that growth and push faster, we’re now looking for the right first investor to join us.

What is the biggest challenge you face?

As for all start-ups, we’re of course facing the most crucial question of them all – are we solving our users’ pain point in the best possible way? And as for all companies, not at least our customers, we need to find the right talent to be able to face this and other challenges that lies ahead. Growing the team with the right people, continuing to build on the great culture that we have today, will be of great importance in the near and also not-so-near future. Ideas are worth nothing without execution, and in fierce competition ideas are worth almost nothing without perfect execution. That can only be achieved by teamwork.

  • Gabriel

    Freakn’ awesome article, as always!

  • Peter

    The CEO’s background and subsequent startup pipe dream clearly shows that he has never worked in a real company or applied for a job himself.

    When only 1 out of 10 student applicants get a job, at best, what do you think the other 9 will have to revert to? Right, the good old job search. Why should this project be any more helpful than a Monster or Indeed where applying is the equivalent of throwing away your resume unless you know someone personally in the hiring company?

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