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Nordic.js announces it’s first speakers, including Douglas Crockford, Ellen Sundh, Tom Dale and Tiffany Conroy

Written by on April 8

Nordic.js is a two­-day single track conference all about Javascript. The conference will take place at the beautiful art space Artipelag, out in the archipelago of Stockholm on the 18­19th September, 2014 and it’s the first of it’s kind. Their main sponsors include Hiq, Iteam, Goo technologies, Microsoft, Valtech, Dynabyte, Klarna, Glesys, Svt, Amazon and Bryntum.

Nordic.js’s mission is to bring together some of the most interesting and passionate developers not only from the nordics, but from around the globe. Today they’re releasing their first speakers ­ the list of names includes Douglas Crockford (Paypal), Ellen Sundh (Coda Collective), Tom Dale (Ember.js) and Tiffany Conroy (Soundcloud).

Check out more and find out how to attend at their website.

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