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Wellington Partners snatches Linus Dahg from Almi Invest

Written by on April 2

Wellington Partners is a European based VC firm that have invested in a couple of Swedish startups over the years including Spotify and Readmill. Now, they’ve added a Swedish VC to their team – bringing over Linus Dahg from Almi Invest.

I caught up with Linus for a quick chat about Wellington, VC and the European view on the Swedish tech scene.

Who are Wellington Partners, what kind of VC are you and what do you stand for?

Wellington Partners have been around since 1990 with the aim of supporting Europe’s best tech entrepreneurs with global ambitions and we pride ourselves on providing entrepreneurs with all the necessary resources they need to fulfil their strategies. After the funding round, the entrepreneurs also have access to the advice, and guidance of our complete team, including HR, strategic assistance as well as our global network.

We have a Pan-European focus in general but we have a number of contacts in other markets as well and we help our portfolio companies expanding globally with particular emphasis on the American and Asian markets.

We look for great entrepreneurs with fantastic ideas in Europe that have the potential to make a big impact on existing markets or even create new ones. To sum it up, we look for outstanding entrepreneurial talent!

What do the Wellington team think of the Swedish tech scene?

The Swedish tech scene has picked up a lot the last couple of years. We’ve seen so many good companies coming out of Sweden and we definitely want to see more dealflow from Sweden. The entrepreneurs of Sweden have a great mindset in terms of going for large international markets and they’re attacking markets that are ripe for disruption. That combined with a number of great companies that are really taking off like Spotify, Klarna, King and the likes. We see a number of both new entrepreneurs with experience from these kind of large startups as well as a number of serial entrepreneurs wanting to go big. So the eco system is really becoming better and better.

To sum it all up, it’s definitely one of the hottest markets in Europe right now and I believe we have the right connections for a lot of the companies.

Linus, you recently moved from Stockholm to London to work with Welllington – tell me about that decision?

Yes, I did. Well, I knew one of the VCs at Wellington Partners quite well and we’ve stayed in touch for a number of years talking about possible deals and so on. And then an opportunity came up and we started discussing me moving to London but still being in Sweden and other Nordic countries quite often to find interesting investment opportunities back in the Nordics. So it felt like a good move where I can still leverage on my network in the Nordics but also be able to work in an international setting. And I get to work alongside some impressive people over here. Basically, I felt like I couldn’t turn it down.

What are the most exciting Swedish tech trends you see today?

Well I mentioned the evolved tech eco system with more experienced entrepreneurs. Other trends are the formation of different syndicates of business angels, more international VC’s looking for Swedish startups, more co-working spaces which is really needed, I see a lot of interesting collaborations going on in Sweden, people are sharing ideas and helping each other out and I think it’s only a matter of time before we see even more cross-disciplinary teams working in completely new verticals. All and all, the Swedish tech scene looks very promising!

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