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The Startup Space AB invests in Thiriku Kenya coffee plantation

Written by on April 1

As of this morning the paperwork has finally been finalized and we are excited to announce that The Startup Space AB is now the proud owner of 3.14 hectares (31400 m2) of coffee bean crop in Thiriku, Kenya!

It’s not much, but it’s a start!

The newly-purchased land is part of a private plantation administered by the Thiriku Farmers Co-op Society, which produces classification ‘AA’ beans, the highest grade of Kenyan coffee bean possible! Upon purchase, The Startup Space AB has also been granted membership into the ‘Kenya Coffee Producers’ and Traders’ Association’. Furthermore, The Startup Space AB is proud to be a positive force in the Nyeri region in Kenya, supporting the local farmers and community.


The idea came up, incidentally, over a cup of coffee. We were discussing the importance of the habits of productivity in startup companies, and how vital they are to a startup’s success. I mentioned how my personal productivity had skyrocketed after I upgraded from my regular drip-coffee to something called a cortado, which is a shot of espresso in a cappuccino (I think?). The point is, I more than doubled my caffeine intake, and found myself zipping through my day on turbo-boosters. It’s exactly the kind of boost an entrepreneur needs during his or her workday.

…we’ve been feeding off of coffee for so long; it’s time we feed back.

We realized that coffee is the blood that courses through today’s startups, feeding entrepreneurs with vigor, and supercharging their passion. This is especially true in Sweden, because it isn’t just caffeine that boosts productivity around the workplace, but fika culture as well (and, let’s face it, most Swedes drink more coffee than beer and more beer than water). Coffee and fika go hand-in-hand, and if you add an office or co-working space into the equation, the possibilities are limitless! Epic ideas and major deals have been conceived and signed over coffee. We thought, we’ve been feeding off of coffee for so long; it’s time we feed back. Some weeks later, there arose an opportunity to act on a grassroots level, to support the local coffee trade and the community, and to invest in that which has invested in us for so long. Did this sound like a good idea? No.

This sounded like a great idea.

The guys were all busy with their own meetings and businesses and startups (as they usually are), but we finally took that opportunity. So it was quite a funny feeling when I found myself standing in the back of a beat-up pick-up truck early one evening, peering under the golden Kenyan sun across rolling fields of tens of thousands of green coffee plants, all of which now belong to The Startup Space AB.

I can’t see what the future holds for us, but I can tell you one thing, it smells great.

Author’s Post Script:

Some might retort that coffee no longer gives them that boost, or that nothing less than a cereal bowl of raw coffee beans and a giant spoon can jolt them to life anymore. Well I have some tips that might help:

1. Don’t drink coffee out of boredom.

2. Drink better quality coffee.

3. Drink as a reward.

4. Don’t drink alone, save your coffee for the meeting.

5. Savor the aroma for at least 30 seconds before you take the first sip.

[Author’s Bonus Super Pro-tip: Don’t drink coffee all Sunday. Trust me. Have your first cup when you come in to the office on Monday morning. Monday will be your favorite day of the week if you do this. You will own Mondays. Also, the day will go by a lot quicker. Also, Sunday will go by a lot slower. I should win a Nobel Prize for this.]

  • Love Dager

    The coffee you are producing, is it fairtrade or similar? I get sad if it is the common chemical-coffee..

    • Marwan Ayache

      It’s the absolute fairest of fair trades! Third wave at its best. The only chemicals involved are the caffeine from the bean and the dopamine you will get from enjoying it so much. We’ll send you a sample once this year’s crop has been harvested and roasted ;)

      • Love Dager

        Yay! Both to great coffee and to great coffee soon being mine! :D

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