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Dramatify, a SaaS focused on TV production moves into beta, adds some long awaited features

Written by on April 1

Stockholm-based Dramatify is first the social and mobile production management platform for TV and film in the world. Now they are releasing a new beta version with a slew of new features and a special focus on TV and series production. 

The TV and film industry is one of those industries that are still using archaic tools like paper and single user desktop apps. In fact, an average American film budgets thousands of dollars for copying paper alone. Pretty insane.

Attempting to modernise the industry, Dramatify brings core production documents and collaboration features to any device with a browser. Dramatify have during the alpha release built up a feature set for film and single episode documentaries and commercials with team collaboration, messaging, drama screenplays, AV scripts, team lists and call sheets.

Dramatify have also added support for multi-team productions. This mean that the production can shoot with up to five teams simultaneously, each with their own call sheet. A bigger budget feature film can use it to add a 2nd and 3rd Unit to their main team, while a TV production might want to have two teams or more, shooting on a rotating schedule.

Dramatify is one of those interesting cases – a company solving a problem that the average consumers give no thought to – yet could prove to be a lifesaver for those in need of it. 

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