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Ex-Spotify Engineers Raise $2.2M for Lookback.io, A Mobile App Feedback Platform

Written by on March 27

Today Lookback, the leading platform for analyzing user experiences via video testimonials all captured directly on mobile devices, is announcing a $2.2 million seed funding round to expand its business. The round is led by European investor Lakestar, with additional participation from Index Ventures and angel investments from and Ilya Sukhar, co-founder of Parse. As Lookback continues to grow, this strategic investment will be used to scale both the platform and team, and also expand its services to new arenas.

Lookback was co-founded by former lead developers from Spotify, Joachim Bengtsson and Jonatan Littke, when the team realized there was no good way to effectively record onscreen activity on an iOS device. Lookback gives designers and developers a 360 degree understanding of how users communicate with their apps by seamlessly recording user expressions with the front-facing camera along with the on-screen interactions.

Since its private beta launch in late 2013, Lookback is now being used by thousands of companies, including Spotify, Yammer, Venmo, and King.com. Along with this funding, Lookback is announcing the launch of its new SDK for iOS, which can be integrates as a plugin to existing apps in the App Store. Acting as an opt-in experience, this plugin allows any user to instantly become a UX quality tester if they choose and can test apps, report bugs and leave comments on UX/UI issues within the app.

“Lookback is an absolutely kick-ass product, I love it,” said Venmo lead iOS developer Chris Maddern. “We do a lot of usability testing at Venmo, and we’ve really been missing something like this.”

“To truly understand someone you have to understand their intentions and context. The why’s and why not’s of making a choice. And traditional analytics doesn’t give you that answer, “said Jonatan Littke, CEO and co-founder of Lookback. “User experience is something that so many companies can’t seem to get right — mainly because they simply do not have to tools to do so. That’s why we made Lookback — as a way to give everyone access to a great quality, highly intuitive way to accurately and efficiently capture actual user experience.”


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