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More than 500 000 Swedes have registered a secure digital mailbox at Kivra

Written by on March 24

Kivra has completed the migration of all Brevo users into Kivra , whose user interface recently got a major facelift. After the merger the leading digital mailbox in Sweden, Kivra , has over 500 000 users. 

- The user interface has improved a lot based on what we have learned from our users during the first pioneering years of the services Brevo, Kreditkopia and ‘Kivra 1.0′, comments Stefan Krook , CEO of Kivra .

The new interface includes a share function where the user can share their content with other Kivra users. The digital postal mailbox also has an automatic filter that divides the mail you get in folders based on senders. Positive news for those who have previously used the Brevo service is that the Kivra web service is using the latest web standards and adapts responsively after the unit visiting the website. This means that the website makes the most of the screen space whether it’s a computer, tablet or a smartphone. Kivra is also available in App store.

- We want our users to get a as simple and good user experience as possible and I am pleased that all of the former Brevo users are greeted by our new user interface the first time they log on to Kivra, says Stefan Krook.

Kivra is the leading digital mailbox in Sweden with over half a million users. The mail you receive in Kivra is linked to your social security number and by activating your digital mailbox, you automatically get your paper mail digitally from the companies and agencies that progressively joins Kivra.

Kivra is owned by 41an Invest (Karl-Johan Persson and Stefan Krook), FAM (Wallenberg Foundations), founder, board and staff.

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