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Spotscale launch drone-powered real estate development tool

Written by on March 24, 2014

Back in November, we talked to a startup from Linköping, Spotscale. They were currently working on launching their products and collaborating with the world’s best RC pilots. They now introduces its first interactive web tool SpotPlanner at the Swedish National Mapping Conference in Jonkoping, Sweden. The tool enables real estate developers, city planning offices and construction companies a new way of sketching additions to their existing building sites. Spotscale, the leading provider of three-dimensional, photo-realistic digital images of built structures are now expanding into the 3D editing space.

“With this new tool, anyone can quickly show how a new building will look and understand how the changes will affect the urban environment”, said Spotscale founder Ludvig Emgård. “Our ambition have been to create a tool that you can learn in five minutes”.

Spotscale takes advantage of the latest web technology by delivering its app in WebGL, a part of HTML5 supported by Google, Microsoft and Mozilla. The app is developed in close collaboration with Goo Technologies, another Swedish start-up delivering world leading WebGL products.

SpotPlanner aims to complement more advanced 3D tools such as Autodesk Revit and SketchUp by offering preloaded Spotscale 3D models of the scanned existing buildings together with user-friendly and efficient tools. Being web based, it’s also more flexible to use on different devices.

“Spotscale’s 3D images are extremely valuable when we’re planning changes to a building or trying to figure out where to move a road,” said Andreas Furenberg, chief technology officer for one of the Nordic region’s leading construction and civil engineering companies, PEAB Sverige AB. “SpotPlanner offers a very exciting additional functionality to our projects”

Also private real estate enterprises are among the first customers using the new tool. “SpotPlanner provides a very efficient and fast way to calculate the floor space area that can be built on the site” said Andreas Flyborg, project manager at Diligentia AB. “We can quickly get a picture of how much space the new buildings will allocate”.

“The new SpotPlanner is available now as an add-on to a Spotscale 3D model of an existing project at $6,000 for a yearly license fee, including support and unlimited users.”

Check out their promo video for SpotPlanner below.

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