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Saturday Swedish Startup News – March 22 edition

Written by on March 22

Most read this week

Przemek Owczarek on Scaling Base CRM

Frustrated by their own experiences with CRM, the team founded Base in 2009 based on a strong internal belief that businesses deserve better, smarter software. They’ve come a long way since then, helping thousands of businesses grow and raising $8 million from Index Ventures, The Social+Capital Partnership, OCA Ventures, I2A and several angels. Jason decided to have a chat with Przemek Owczarek, one of the co-founders.

Magine takes a massive hit, ends collaboration with TV4 and loses 8 channels

The cooperation between TV4 and Magine is over. Eight channels from TV4 will dissapear from the service on April 17th. The number of channels are now reduced to 34 sort of smaller channels, since neither MTG or SBS joined the service.

Tailify launches “Native Advertising” solution in Europe

Tailify is a new media channel that distributes ads by through opinion setters on social media. The concept is rooted in the belief that digital advertising has to engage the consumer in order to generate income for the publisher.

S is for Stipster

Stipster. It’s a fairly new thing. A Google search yields less than 9,000 results. But it is definitely a thing. So, what exactly is it?

Most read this month

Why an Android-first approach could give you momentum for success

Sweden is a hub of innovative start-ups, but unless your app is region-specific, there is absolutely no need to focus on local users first. Marwan goes over the reasons why you should choose to develop for Android instead of iOS.

Kambio – A Gothenburg startup that paves the way to happiness

Lukas Ohlsson had a chat with Kambio, a Gothenburg based startup that aims to give people the opportunity to feel better and to prevent mental ill-health before it arises.

What did the English editor say to the Swedish app start-up?

Swedish app developers! Marwan is about to deliver some tough love here, so you may want to sit down for this.

Stockholm’s Startup Scene: A Cheatsheet

Stockholm’s startup scene is a pretty amazing to be right now. I don’t need to bend your ear’s on what’s been happening lately – you’ve surely read about it in the New York Times, The Guardian, Reuters and of course – here at Swedish Startup Space.

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