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Magine takes a massive hit, ends collaboration with TV4 and loses 8 channels

Written by on March 17

Dagens Industri reports that the cooperation between TV4 and Magine has ended. As of April 17 the following eight channels will be removed TV4, Seven, TV4 Film, TV4 Komedi, TV4 Guld, TV4 Sport, TV4 Fakta and TV4 Fakta XL. The number of channels available on Magine will be now reduced to 34, mostly smaller channels, since neither MTG or SBS have yet to join Magine.

The company has said that they will instead focus on the markets in Germany and Spain. Since founding the company, they’ve taken in 225M SEK in investment and acquired 100,000 users.

“Our paying users will get free Magine for a transitional period,” says Mattias Hjelmstedt, CEO and founder of Magine.

Whilst this is pretty devastating news for the company, their CEO says that Magine will now be  focusing on developing a more streamlined approach in Sweden without the backing of the large networks – all whilst working on capturing the bigger German market.

“Our German service will contain all the major German TV channels. Germany is now our biggest focus”, says Mattias Hjelmstedt.

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  • kimfransman

    It’s a shame that we live in a world where the ease of use for the end consumer is not in the interest of the big media companies…

    • Marwan Ayache

      Surely TV4 knows to offer supply wherever there is demand, perhaps the reason behind this decision is more complicated than we think… It would be interesting to know what exactly happened between TV4 and Magine.

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