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Saturday Swedish Startup News – March 15 edition

Written by on March 15

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What did the English editor say to the Swedish app start-up?

Swedish app developers! Marwan is about to deliver some tough love here, so you may want to sit down for this.

Stockholm’s Startup Scene: A Cheatsheet

Stockholm’s startup scene is a pretty amazing to be right now. I don’t need to bend your ear’s on what’s been happening lately – you’ve surely read about it in the New York Times, The Guardian, Reuters and of course – here at Swedish Startup Space. What’s even cooler though – is the amount of new people flocking to the awesomeness every week. Take Tyler’s #sthlmtech events for example. According to Tyler, the event grows in registrations by roughly 100 people per month. So, if you’re new to the #sthlmtech scene, here is a cheat-sheet of sorts, a “getting started” guide if you will.

Are you a Swedish startup? Don’t forget to apply for Sting Day 2014!

STING Day is Sweden’s #1 startup event, connecting cutting-edge tech companies with more than 100 investors from around the world. Already today, two months ahead of the event, over 110 investors have registered.

Investor Thomas Ivarson invests in Publit, a tool for self-publishing books

Thomas Ivarson, Stockholm based business angel who made early investments in succesful Swedish startups such as Neonode, Barnebys and Nordic Feel / Nordic Inc this week bought shares in Publit.

Most read this month

Why an Android-first approach could give you momentum for success

Sweden is a hub of innovative start-ups, but unless your app is region-specific, there is absolutely no need to focus on local users first. Marwan goes over the reasons why you should choose to develop for Android instead of iOS.

Kambio – A Gothenburg startup that paves the way to happiness

Lukas Ohlsson had a chat with Kambio, a Gothenburg based startup that aims to give people the opportunity to feel better and to prevent mental ill-health before it arises.

Meet ngenic, the Nordic version of Nest’s smart thermostat

When Google acquired Nest last month, a lot of attention was thrown onto the “smart home” sector. Uppsala-based ngenic have been working on the Nordic version for a few years now, so Anders caught up with one of the founders for a chat about the past, the present and future.

Berlin, Seriously?

Sure, Berlin may have better discos, and cheaper rent. But let’s be honest here, Berlin doesn’t have 3 possible IPOs this year, or any for that matter. In fact the next IPO to from Berlin when it does happen will likely be the company there started by Swedes from Stockholm. Go figure.

Latest jobs

Part-time Frontend Software Engineer at Tink
Location: Stockholm

iOS Software Engineer at Tink
Location: Stockholm

Sales Hero to exciting SaaS company at Sparta
Location: Stockholm

Software developer for exciting SaaS company at Sparta
Location: Stockholm

C# / Windows Phone Developer at Truecaller
Location: Stockholm

Site Reliability Engineer at Truecaller
Location: Stockholm

System administrator at Truecaller
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Android Developer at Truecaller
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Junior Front End Developer at DigiExam
Location: Stockholm

iOS Developer at Instabridge
Location: Stockholm

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