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Stockholm’s Startup Scene: A Cheatsheet

Written by on March 12, 2014

Stockholm’s startup scene is a pretty amazing to be right now. I don’t need to bend your ear’s on what’s been happening lately – you’ve surely read about it in the New York Times, The Guardian, Reuters and of course – here at Swedish Startup Space.

What’s even cooler though – is the amount of new people flocking to the awesomeness every week. Take Tyler’s #sthlmtech events for example. According to Tyler, the event grows in registrations by roughly 100 people per month.

So, if you’re new to the #sthlmtech scene, here is a cheat-sheet of sorts, a “getting started” guide if you will.


Places to hang out

  1. SUP46. An obvious one. SUP46 has within months become a hub of activity for #sthlmtech. Some great companies are sitting here, and you can always drop by for a chat or cup of coffee. New to the community? Don’t miss this one.
  2. Knackeriet. Ted Valentin’s latest creation. Very hip, very cosy. Much smaller than SUP46, and it does seem like a lot of the members are friends, which makes for a very cool vibe inside.
  3. KTH’s Student Inc. If you happen to be a student at KTH (or just a student in general), the KTH Student Inc labs are a great place to be. Plenty of energy and of course – a lot of great engineering talent. Perfect place to find a co-founder if you’re studying.

Events to attend

  1. #sthlmtech Meetup. Tyler’s monthly meetup, currently being hosted at the Hilton Slussen – but will be forced to move due to growing demand. Since starting a little over a year ago, the event regularly pulls over 500 people and has featured Accel Partners, Creandum and Jemima Kiss (The Guardian)  as guests. If you only do one thing each month – do this.
  2. Stockholm Innovators. Very casual, but impressive event hosted monthly by some of the guys behind Lifesum and thoughtbot. This event has a very casual, and networking-focused format.
  3. The Code Pub. Fantastic initiative started by a couple of Netlight crew. Focused on women who want to become more involved in IT and programming specifically. More initiatives focused on/including women is exactly what #sthlmtech needs right now, so kudos to all involved here.

People to talk to

  1. Tyler “Mr #sthlmtech” Crowley
  2. Marta Sjögren, VC at Northzone
  3. Staffan Helgesson, VC at Creandum
  4. Jenny Jansson, VC at Almi Invest
  5. Josefin Jakobsson, Reporter at Svenska Dagbladet
  6. Henrik Torstensson, CEO at Lifesum
  7. Anton Johansson, CEO at Alltid.se


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