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Nordic APIs Stockholm – Private, Partner and Public APIs

Written by on March 12

Editor note: This is a guest post written by Andreas Krohn, a Swedish API junkie who is the organiser of the Nordic API’s conference.

Monday March 31st it is time for another Nordic APIs conference at SUP46 in Stockholm as part of a Nordic Tour where we also will visit Copenhagen, Helsinki and Oslo in one crazy week. Originally we did not plan to come to Stockholm this time around, but the interest was too big for us to ignore.

Private, Partner & Public APIs

This half-day conference will focus on how to get the maximum value out of private, partner and public APIs. Most of the time when we talk about APIs we talk about either Facebook, Twitter or a startup that have an API that allows any developer to integrate with their systems to build mobile apps. This open public type of APIs is however only a fraction of all APIs that exists in the world today. More common are the partner APIs that only a few select partners have access to or private APIs that are only used internally in a company. We want to talk about all types of APIs – public, partner and private – since they all have a real value if used right.

To cover all this we have presentations from leaders in the API business about everything from the business impact and how to manage different types of APIs to how to deal with security and how it would affect the world if everything had an API. We are very proud to have speakers from Twilio, the World Bank, Mulesoft, Layer 7, Axway and Ping Identity.

Join us!

Get your tickets now to join us for this intense half-day conference. Since we are firm believers in having a diverse community we are giving away 5 tickets/event to women, just mail info@nordicapis.com if you are interested.

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