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VisualDreams Hits One Million Downloads With Slam Dunk Sequel

Written by on March 11

We wrote about the successful launch of Slam Dunk Basketball 2 a while back. Now VisualDreams reports that the game has had one million downloads within the first three weeks. Improvements and game enhancements are also on the way, studio representatives says.

For those of you who haven’t heard of VisualDreams before, it’s one of the hottest mobile gaming studios right now with titles such as Herman the Hermit, Linkies Puzzle Rush and Slam Dunk Basketball 1 & 2. The company which was founded in Norrköping four years ago is focused on casual sports games.

Accordning to Kristofer Boman, CEO at VisualDreams, the team seems to be firing on all cylinders. When asked about the biggest lessons from the past year he replies “You need to have a strong game plan and vision from the beginning, and that everyone in the team understands it and stays focused. If you can achieve that you will have overcome a lot of obstacles right from the start.”

The next game is said to be in early prototype stage at this very moment. And they might bring more people on board soon. “The future looks good for VisualDreams, we have a couple really awesome sports games planned for release this year and we hope that we can expand the team to at least double in size by the end of the year.”

We hope that we can expand the team to at least double in size by the end of the year

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