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Investor Thomas Ivarson invests in Publit, a tool for self-publishing books

Written by on March 11

Thomas Ivarson, the Stockholm based business angel who made early investments in succesful Swedish startups such as Neonode, Barnebys and Nordic Feel, has this week invested in Publit, a company making it easier for publishers and self-publishers to sell directly to readers and in doing so provides an exciting opportunity for them to start creating real relationships with book buyers.. Thomas, who’s been on the Publit board since November last year has a background in the software and IT industry and adds a strong international experience to Publit.

The business of publishing is undergoing a radical transition right now and Publit is uniquely positioned to play a role in that process. The idea of producing products only after they’ve been sold has been a game changer in many other industries and should bring much value to publishing, since it allows for making very large catalogues available at practically no cost, commented Thomas Ivarson.

We’re extremely happy to have Thomas enter as a partner. He’s bringing heavy weight experience from the software industry and a superb international network, both of which will contribute to our ability to scale Publit up, says Per Helin, CEO of Publit:

Publit was founded in 2008 and has been described by business magazine Forbes as a possible long term challenger to Amazon:

“Publit […] offers not only distribution to the main retailers but also the opportunity to run your own web shop. That means data and the potential to do all that retail innovation that Amazon prevents. For publishers, self- and traditional, that’s a fantastic opportunity.”

Publit is currently serving over 500 Swedish publishing houses with the production and distribution of ebooks and print-on-demand books, to both traditional retailers and direct to consumer.

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