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Hemsida24 beta launch international version of their website builder named PagePicnic

Written by on March 10

In a few short years, the Swedish company has managed to build an extremely loyal customer base for their simple website-builder. With no external funding, the team have managed to build a solid 10,000 customer strong user base and build annual revenues up to 2.5 MUSD, with a 40% profit margin. On the product side, they achieved a Net Promoter Score of 68, which has helped keep the churn low – something PagePicnic hope they can maintain as they expand outside Sweden’s borders.

PagePicnic has really focused in on small businesses, and in Sweden has become the #1 choice for small business website creation. Whilst many similar companies choose to focus on more tech-savvy demographics, the Halmstad-based team have found that focusing on the customers with little to no technical capabilities has helped them grow to where they are today.

The vision is to help the world’s small businesses succeed with their websites.

“We’ve spent the last 5 years building a loyal base of customers here in Sweden who love the simplicity of our service. With a steady stream of annual revenue, we’re ready to take the next step and expand into the rest of Europe, starting with the UK. We’re extremely confident in our product and have some really exciting features in the pipeline,” says co-founder Mikael Öhren.

Sign up for the beta here by using the code “gonuts14″.

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