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Stockholm based startup Fidesmo secures seed financing to go deeper with NFC technology

Written by on March 7

Stockholm based tech startup Fidesmo have a pretty cool vision. They believe that mobile-NFC (near field communications) provides a winning combination of usability and security.  But they recognise that some key pieces are missing before consumers take full advantage of NFC applications. This is what Fidesmo want to solve – the last missing pieces in the NFC puzzle.

The goal is to enable consumers to use their smart phones as a replacement for physical keys and ticketing cards (such as SATS cards, Metro cards etc) and to create a cost-effective process for enterprises to manage connected devices in machine-to-machine. I hate when my wallet starts expanding due to extra cards, so this is pretty cool if you ask me. 

So, what exactly do Fidesmo do then? Well, it’s actually a little tricky to get clear answer to that question – something the company probably should work on moving forward, that is – a crystal clear, laser sharp pitch. However, after some talking with the team – it seems they are creating tools that companies and the enterprise can use to integrate their services into NFC technology – of course keeping things slick and secure along the way.

The team recently announced that they also have raised a seed round from Jan Bosch and Niclas Lilja.

”Fidesmo has in a short time reached several strategic milestones and kick started cooperation with global companies in telecom and payments. I am happy to join this highly skilled and visionary team,” says Jan Bosch, newly appointed Chairman of the Board at Fidesmo.

“Fidesmo brings the benefits of cloud services to companies deploying secure applications, both in the consumer and enterprise markets. We welcome our new investors and we will now propel the development of our platform for managing secure applications in smart phones and other connected devices,” says Mattias Eld, co-founder and CEO of Fidesmo.

Fidesmo was founded by Mattias Eld, Miguel Cardo and Petter Arvidsson in 2013 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Jan and Niclas will join the Board of Directors. Fidesmo has previously been granted an Innovation Loan from Almi.

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