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Jumpstarter launches: disruptive new hosting platform attracts two thousand developer sign­ups in first week

Written by on March 5

Today Swedish startup Jumpstarter is announcing that it has publicly launched its next­generation hosting platform. The service is based on an entirely reinvented file system technology, making the platform extremely fast, highly scalable and easy to use:

  • 1 second setup: Websites and applications can be set up and hosted in a fraction of a second, including frameworks.
  • Cloning: Instant cloning of entire web apps and sites, including files, database and source code.
  • Team collaboration: Instantly invite team members and share projects with others.
  • Peak protection: The service automatically gives projects more server power when sites and applications experience traffic spikes, by using an innovative resource allocation system.

“There is truly a lot of groundbreaking innovation in the core architecture of Jumpstarter,” says co­founder and CTO Hannes Landeholm. “This allows us to offer hosting and development features unthinkable within traditional platforms”, he continues.

The service went from private to public beta last week, attracting more than 2,000 new developers from around the world within the first 5 days. During the successful beta phase web developers have used the service to host mobile backends, client websites, Facebook apps and e­commerce sites on a number of different frameworks including WordPress, CodeIgniter and Drupal.

From a wider perspective Jumpstarter simplifies the web developer’s workflow, by reducing the time and energy spent on configuring servers as well as messing with local environments, deployment or continuous integration. This means developers have more time for actual coding.

“We’ve put a lot of effort in making our advanced technology easy accessible through a simple GUI. Our overall goal is to combine simplicity, speed and power ­ all to make life easier for developers.” says co­founder Daniel Marklund.
The service is initially focused on PHP and WordPress, but more frameworks and languages will be added over time. Rumors say Node.js support is just around the corner.

Jumpstarter was founded in 2012 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. In Fall of 2013 Jumpstarter raised $1.7 million from a trio of leading European investors including Earlybird, Paua Ventures and Martin Sinner.

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