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Bonnier buys one third of cashback platform Refunder

Written by on March 4

Refunder, the cashback site we wrote about a while back, just announced that Bonnier bought a third of the company.

Bonnier Growth Media’s CEO, Ulrika Saxon, is also Chairman of Refunder.se says in a comment:

We have followed with growing interest the developments of cashback and see great potential in the concept and in the investment in Refunder.se

In practical work it so that Refunder.se gives online consumers money back on online purchases at the affiliated online stores. Fredrik started his career at MTG as a trainee back in -94 and has since 1999 been an entrepreneur within media and IT. His last company, ZoomVision was focused on production and distribution of live webcasts from Nordic stock listed companies to institutional investors around the globe. ZoomVision was acquired by NasdaqOMX in 2010. After that, Fredrik left Nasdaq to start Refunder 2012. The remainder of the team consists of Joakim Kempff, co-founder, who has a background as CEO at Dallas Sthlm and as investment manager at Novestra and the other, Victor Dahlborg, has a background as marketing manager at Pricerunner, A-com and MTG.

Source: Resumé

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