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Saturday Swedish Startup News – March 1 edition

Written by on March 1

Busy week? No time to check Swedish Startup Space? No worries – we’ve wrapped up the week’s most popular articles and latest jobs from #swedentech here for you!

Most read this week

Berlin, Seriously?

Sure, Berlin may have better discos, and cheaper rent. But let’s be honest here, Berlin doesn’t have 3 possible IPOs this year, or any for that matter. In fact the next IPO to from Berlin when it does happen will likely be the company there started by Swedes from Stockholm. Go figure.

Why Sweden has more start-ups than heavy metal bands

Some say there are more heavy metal bands in Sweden than there are electric guitars. Marwan claims that there are more start-ups in Sweden than there are heavy metal bands.

Uppsala Based Night Node Gets Funding and Google Partnership

The last few weeks have certainly been exciting when it comes to tech start-up funding news. Jason from #uppsalatech just got told that the Uppsala-based gaming start-up Night Node announced a 300,000 SEK seed investment from an undisclosed private backer.

Can flat rate disrupt electricity retailing in Sweden?

Last Thursday, web entrepreneur Anton Johansson launched Alltid. It’s a new kind of electricity retailing service, with a simple concept: you pay a fixed amount every month with no extra fuss. The team behind Swedish Startup Space got together and wrote a column on this topic and how the consumers will use this.

Most read this month

Why Netigate, a startup with 56 MSEK in revenue chooses to stay out of the ‘startup spotlight’

Netigate is one of those startups that no one talks about, yet flies under the radar – racking up both clients and more importantly, cash. Since founding in 1999, they’ve managed to increase revenues every year. Essentially, the company provides a software solution allowing customers to build, manage and follow up with customer surveys.

Kambio – A Gothenburg startup that paves the way to happiness

Lukas Ohlsson had a chat with Kambio, a Gothenburg based startup that aims to give people the opportunity to feel better and to prevent mental ill-health before it arises.

Meet ngenic, the Nordic version of Nest’s smart thermostat

When Google acquired Nest last month, a lot of attention was thrown onto the “smart home” sector. Uppsala-based ngenic have been working on the Nordic version for a few years now, so Anders caught up with one of the founders for a chat about the past, the present and future.

Ex-Creandum associate launches Fitbay, backed by Creandum and Just Eat founder

Fitbay, a startup focused on fixing sizing issues in e-commerce have today announced their seed round of $400k USD led by Creandum and Just Eat founder Jesper Buch.

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