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Welcome our new partner, Humblebee – a digital studio out of Göteborg

Written by on February 28

I’m extremely proud (and excited) to tell everyone, that Swedish Startup Space, a small blog we started over a year ago is expanding out of Stockholm and into Göteborg. What does that mean? Well, we’ve welcomed on some great people onto our team, who will work from Göteborg and help cover the growing tech scene there. We’ve seen epic growth in the #sthlmtech community this past year, so we’d love for the energy and passion to spread into #gbgtech also.

It also means that we need a little help from local startups and businesses – to help take the tech community to the next level. The first of our Göteborg-based partners is Humblebee – a digital studio focused on helping entrepreneurs take their ideas and turn them into MVP’s.

I really feel this is a great partner for us – as we talk to so many entrepreneurs with fantastic ideas – but lack the development muscles to get them going. Together with our Stockholm-based thoughtbot – we feel that our digital partners are a great asset to the Swedish startup community.

If you are from the west coast and would like to get in touch with the Humblebee team, you can

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